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Welcome to Gem Stone Village

Licenced by Animal & Veterinary Service of Singapore
Animal exhibition license AE24M000022P
Pet shop license AS22K00063

SFA license CE22B76P000


Gem Cat Cafe: We have carefully prepared comfortable seating areas and abundant play facilities for you and your feline friends. Whether you want a quiet afternoon or want to experience the fun of cuties, this is the place for you.

Gemstone village pet shop: We select healthy and obedient kittens from carefully selected quality breeders. Our cats receive a comprehensive health check and necessary vaccinations before arriving in their new home, ensuring they are healthy and worry-free as your new family member.
We understand that the addition of a new pet is a significant event in the family, so we provide a range of customer support services, including cat ownership education, first-time cat ownership guidance, and ongoing health and nutrition consultation, to ensure every pet owner enjoys Enjoy the joy of raising a cat without the worries.

The Story of Gem Stone Village

Like our name, Gem Stone, every cat here is a shining jewel. Let the cats grow up with careful feeding and loving care, and let them all find their lovely home as good companion. We also operate separated  pet shop for commitment of exploring and sharing knowledge about cats, exchanging cat raising experiences, and building an interactive family with our jewel cats and their pawparents.  



105A Desker Road,  Singapore 209629

96672578 / 96772851

GEM Cat Cafe

112 Desker Road,  Singapore 209634

Operating hours:

Tuesday to Friday 12pm to 8pm    

Saturday and Sunday 10am to 9pm

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