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BSH history

British shorthair, a breed that is very suitable for most families, is also a very mainstream breed. It has a cute appearance and is very popular with the public. The breed code of British shorthair in the association is BSH
At present, British shorthair was divided into several major categories: British shorthair cats, British longhair cats and golden shaded & color point British shorthair cats. Golden shaded & color point British shorthair cats have been used as a small branch of the British Shorthair, and its history is not very long.



1 Overall: Large bone mass, round head, round muzzle, round chin, round body. short ears, short limbs, short tail
2 Eyes: The eyes should be big and round, and should be on the same horizontal line. The eyes should be green, blue-green, yellow-green, and the outline of the eyes should be black.
3. Facial features: The head has a bun face, the ears should be wider, but not exceeding the overall head contour, the mouth should be wide and the mouth should be round.
4. Coat: The undercoat of the golden shaded ranges from light yellow to bright color, and the tip of the coat on the back and tail is black. The contrast presents a golden effect.

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Color code

The four most common color code for golden shaded BSH are: NY (black golden), BY (chocolate golden), AY (Blue golden), and CY (lilac golden). Generally speaking, the genes that control the inheritance of these types of coat colors are mainly two kinds of brown gene (B-b) and dilution gene (D-d). In addition to the coat color genetic gene, there is also a wide-band-gene (wide-band-gene) that controls the width of the ring band on the hair shaft, which produces common 11 12 colors and 25 colors. 11 colors: the shadow color accounts for 1/4 of the total hair, 12 colors are less black than 11 colors, about 1/8 of the hair, 25 colors will still have black in the second half of the hair, so presents 4 segments of color.

NY is a more common golden shaded color, where n stands for blcak and y stands for golden

BY, B stands for chocolate, y stands for golden. Compared with NY, BY looks more golden in coat color, lighter color on paw pad than ny, and has a brown tail tip.

AY, where a stands for blue and y stands for golden. AY is blue-gray in appearance, and the undercoat is golden. The dilution gene of AY is because of the recessive homozygous dd genotype, so the genotype of ay is BBdd or Bbdd.

CY is another level of dilute color relative to AY. The color is lavender, which is lighter than AY. The genotype of CY can only be bbdd

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Feline genetic disease report

Health is always the first, otherwise what good is good-looking. Invisible killers such as genetic diseases are suffering for cat. Once the disease is occurred, it cannot be cured for life. The three main genetic disease tests for BSH are PKD, ALPS and PRA-pd were done before imported to us.

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